My first blog post

This is my very first blog and its extremely daunting to say the least.  Anyway, I'm not sure what to talk about but I guess since this is a cake website, I'll stick to talking about cakes.  I was up last night at about 11pm and still had my apron on and cupcakes in the oven but all for a good cause.  Today was Alzheimer's Society Cupcake Day and a couple of my colleagues and I decided to bake to raise funds to support this amazing society. 

Three days ago, I was baking as well but this time it was to help my colleague raise funds for Kings College Hospital.  On Friday she will be bravely or crazily abseiling 100ft down the side of a building for this.  Here are pictures of the cupcakes made for these events.


 After a very successful day, I'm working on the website - keep visiting to see all the improvements.  Bye for now